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About MFPI

Magnolia Forest Products has been in business for over 40 years. Founded in 1976 in a small town, just outside of the major crossroads of I-20 and I-55 near Jackson, Mississippi, we have grown to a multi-location, $40 million/year in annual sales, employee-owned company.

Our success comes through our solid understanding of the wood industry, our mill relationships, and providing consistent, quality solutions to our satisfied customers. Magnolia's strategically placed inventory locations allow for the prompt shipment and distribution of all manner of quality, low-grade wood products including cut wood pallet parts, particle board, oriented strand wood, wood furniture parts, MFB, stakes, treated poles, posts, and beams as well as custom cut furniture parts and SYP lumber.

Unlike other distributors, we are a full-service locator, distributor and manufacturer of all manner of low-cost wood needs. We specialize in just in time inventory, cut-to-size panel products, high speed production, van loading, painting and edge sealing, as well as custom re-manufacturing.

Do you need to see a sample? Give us a call and we will promptly ship a sample to you. We guarantee our work and our customer service is second to none!