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Custom Cuts

Keeping the costs down when utilizing low cost wood products is vital to your business' success. At Magnolia Forest Products, we offer an efficient solution. We are the leading supplier of all manner of inexpensive, quality industrial wood products, and we also provide on-site, custom cuts for any-sized project or special order you may have.

Our high speed production is the result of our sophisticated tooling capabilities. Our Magnolia NW-225 head is designed to meet tight tolerances and deliver a reliable, consistent, and precise product. Every time. From cut-to size panel products or custom re-manufacturing, we can deliver all your custom cut needs. Circles, triangles, rounded edges and custom drill holes are all effortlessly handled by our highly skilled team members. We even offer painting and edge sealing to give added durability to your wood products.

Take advantage of the experts at Magnolia Forest Products. For nearly 40 years, we have helped take the guesswork out of low cost wood products custom cuts.